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As such, it's time for a new thread for Star Citizen discussions. If you want to discuss Star Citizen, this is the place to do so! This thread is for the discussion of Star Citizen only. Off-topic discussions will be removed. Moderation will be dealt with by the Forum manager and volunteer moderators.

There is no need to publically call for moderation. Simply report any posts for review by clicking the icon. Posting of offensive, degrading, or mocking content will not be tolerated. Last edited: Jun 4, Fine, lets discuss a buggy tech demo. Surely they can pull that off. Thanks Brett. Hoping this troubled non-linear mess of fluid will end up into something more consistent this year.

It boils down to "we are better than every other game dev company, and Chris Roberts our CEO has the golden touch". Draw attention to that and people will discuss it. Do that whilst systematically failing to deliver for a few years and people will discuss it increasingly negatively. Make outrageous claims that you are going to "save PC gaming" then flounder around looking totally out of your depth and people will point and laugh.

Memnoch said:. I'll have to watch it again but there was a video of a ship coming in, passing a station in orbit then proceeding down to a port on the surface.By rifledude, May 6, in Star Citizen. We have a dress code! Well sort of Obviously there is no dress code for solo, casual, or in-house play. We have a white suit with blue core to reflect the predominant colors of our community logo.

The uniform pieces are listed below, each one has a picture so you know exactly what to expect:. You don't even need the entire set, as long as the undersuit, core, and helmet are correct that's pass-able. The full set just looks nicer. This is a light armor set, not really intended for combat. Since a good amount of multi community events are non combat, a light armor outfit gives us a uniform appearance while also giving us good stamina even in higher gravity environments.


For those that want a set for combat, I recommend the ADP set with Balor helmet in the same colors which looks like:. Typically members that take part in the shooting events are regular players, so the cost of this set isn't that high for them. The stamina cost for wearing the heavy armor is really high, I would only advise getting it if you know for a fact you will be taking part in an FPS event as an actual infantryman.

Also, we don't have a standard firearm; I always recommend the P4-AR to anybody who asks on weapon preference, but weapons are totally up to the individual player.

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What's new. New posts Latest activity. Page 68 - Seeking answers? Join the AnandTech community: where nearly half-a-million members share solutions and discuss the latest tech. Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software PC Games. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 68 of 69 10 20 30 40 50 Previous Next. Jan 16, 2, 67 Dannar26 said:. Well I'm glad someone is thinking of balance in this respect because It feels like a borrowed time tactic.

Create ships now; balance later. Much like the rest of this project, will it snowball beyond what's reasonably achievable? Blizzard had good games first, and now controversy.

CIG has just had controversy. Trust me, this is the type of game I've been salivating for since I heard about Star Wars Galaxies back in the early 's. I still miss that game even if it was a whole lot of open nothingness. If this game could deliver something approaching that, I'd be completely hooked. You make a good point. Enjoy your alpha released game! Dec 15, 7, 2, I never played the old Wing Commander or Freelancer gamesForums New posts Search forums.

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Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Crytek Hates Star Citizen and Squadron Thread starter FrgMstr Start date Dec 13, Joined May 18, Messages 49, This is an interesting story about game engine licensing. You can head over to DSOG and read the list of complaints against the companies, but what is odd is that those games no longer use the Crytek engine, but Crytek is arguing that it is being rebuffed after considerable investments for the project.

Thanks cageymaru. Cloud Imperium got in touch with us and commented on the story. This is a meritless lawsuit that we will defend vigorously against, including recovering from Crytek any costs incurred in this matter.